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Hello Everyone!

Trektech here and embarking on the overblog world. Hope you all are enjoying your week so far. Labor day weekend is right around the corner. Oh happy days for three day weekends :D

And shout out to all the virgos here on overblog as well. with black friday also coming around I suggest saving your money for the discounted products we are all wanting. I'm saving up for the bose noise canceling headphones.

For the longest they have been priced at $299.99 (why don't people just put $300???) Just recently they dropped to $279.99 at fry's electronics and bestbuy.

So I'm hoping they fall to $200 for black friday. That's a good discount in my opinion. Also in my opinion I favor more for the bose than Beats by Dre. First off beats by Dre is made in china.

Second Bose is actually using Beats for some of the tech in the beats headphones. Regardless of these facts me personally all I care about is hearing my music clearly. The less I hear of what I don't want the better.

And of course who doesn't want to tune out their parents when your'e trying to rock out to your favorite music.

Now of course I think certain headphones are built for certain genres of music but like I said earlier the more I hear of what I want to hear the better. Also too Bose was kind enough to give a case to these headphones as well.

They better give us a case at $300 lol. In my opinion if you paid anything over $100 you need a case. All the time when I'm walking around I see people with these hipster iphone cases.

And rightfully so, we humans are clumsy. Stuff happens. Now if you have insurance on your electronics then by all means I don't think you need a case.

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