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Many of you out there are pretty much waiting with much anticipation. Though I wonder if the iphone 6 will come under scrutiny for being just as big as droid phones since that is mostly the jokes I see from apple users.

But as you can see in the video oh people's reactions of their phone being dropped. Who knows how you will react if you were to drop your iphone 6.

Well you're in luck since people are already seeking iphone 6 cases. Cases, covers, wallets and an iphone 6 slim cases. Which I think makes sense since when you get a new phone you wanna show it off.

Like shoes you put your shoes ind anger of being scuffed by walking in them. So I think many people will be getting the slim iphone 6 case. Especially since no one want to look like the people in the video of this blog post.

Now of course if you have insurance on your phone. Then the need for a case drops but depending on your dependability on your phone like typical business people. You may still want to invest in a case.

Especially if you can write it off as a business expense ;)

But to those of you who are not paying attention in 5th period reading this blog post. Just go ahead and take the financial loss and get a case for your phone. So that will lower your chances of hearing your nagging parents about being responsible.

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